[Captain Fin Co.] Dane Reynolds Single Tab

Powerfully unpredictable. Those two words perfectly describe Dane Reynolds surfing. Challenged with trying to improve on what was already a magic fin was no easy task. The new Dane fin is the next level in performance, power and progression. " They are  slightly more upright with larger side fins and a smaller center fin. I find they work  in tight transitions, but have a lot of drive. These fins loosen and liven up my boards.-Dane Reynolds --Made with bits of real panther.  Available in Small, Medium and Large

- Compatibility: Futures

- Construction: Honeycomb

- Flex: Medium

- Size: Small up to 155 lbs.

- Front Height: 4.4 Base: 4.3 Area: 14.56 Foil: Flat

- Rear Height: 4.2 Base: 4.0 Area: 12.39 Foil: 50/50

- Size: Medium 140-190 lbs.

- Front Height: 4.55 Base: 4.5 Area: 15.48 Foil: Flat

- Rear Height: 4.34 Base: 4.2 Area: 13.17 Foil: 50/50

- Size: Large 175+

- Front Height: 4.75 Base: 4.62 Area: 16.73 Foil: Flat

- Rear Height: 4.4 Base: 4.53 Area: 14.36 Foil: 50/50



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